Hey, hey, hey! Pay attention, peeps! Not all adult dating sites are worth your time. Some of them are just plain terrible with no real people and real users in them. And then there are the copycats, trying desperately (and pathetically)to imitate the ones that actually work, just so they can rip off unsuspecting souls. Enter Snapsex, the ultimate imposter that loves sending a fake message any chance they get. Don’t let them fool you, friends. You deserve the best when it comes to adult dating apps and sites.

Beware of – it’s a sketchy scheme that sucks you dry of your hard earned cash and leaves you high and dry without any real romantic connections. Don’t fall victim to this network of deceit!

Have you heard of Snapchat? Of course you have, I wrote about Snapchat pornstars so you must know about it. What about Snapsext? If not, you’re missing out – trust me. Check out this site review here and thank me later. Snapsext is a game changer, a site I personally use and trust. It’s become wildly popular over the years, leading copycat sites like to create a fancy landing page that tricks people into thinking it’s a Snapchat sex network. Don’t be fooled – stick with the real deal and join the Snapsext revolution.

Listen up, my friends…don’t follow the herd!

It’s most definitely NOT a Snapchat hookup site, there are no real women and it’s not affiliated with any social networks or real dating sites out there at all. Let me give you a full rundown of everything this company is doing to try and scam users into joining the network.

Snapsex Profile Bait and Switch Scam Exposed Here

I’ll review the company’s objective and explain why you should avoid the website. Then, I’ll list everything I dislike about the site and why it’s fake.

I’m angry about this dating scam. Sorry if I sound rude, but these scams really bother me.

Why Do They Do It At Snap Sex?

Snapsex wants in on the fun. They know SnapSex is all the rage and that Snapchat is a social media giant. So, they named their site something similar, hoping you’ll mistake it for the real deal. But, don’t be fooled, my friend. This site is not the place for Snapchat sexting.

Nope, not even close.

They’ll lure you in, but before you know it, they’ll be asking for your credit card information. And suddenly, you’re stuck in a never-ending billing cycle. Don’t fall for it. Stay safe and stick with the official SnapSex site.

That’s exactly what they’re trying to do here. It’s nothing but a terrible marketing ploy. Trust me on this!

What Snapsex Dating Does

These guys are pros when it comes to scamming users. They’ve pulled out all the stops to attract the most gullible horny people and idiot consumers out there. It’s a complete scam so definitely don’t give them your email address.

Behold, a brief rundown of all the shenanigans this site gets up to that I cannot endorse!

  • Use Snapchat Logos
  • Have Fake Questionaire
  • No Real Login
  • No Customer Support
  • Shady Redirect
  • Claim It’s Free

Let me tell you, this site has me seeing red! Not only are they slapping the Snapchat logo all over the place, but their homepage is a total bust (literally). I mean, come on, do they really think we’ll be fooled by some purchased pics of scantily clad-ladies? Give me a break!

Beware, fellow snapchatters! Don’t be fooled by those tempting images adorned with Snapchat logos and “Click Here For Username” buttons. Alas, those girls are not really on the app. Don’t fall for their misleading ways – the real deal doesn’t allow nudity. Stay savvy, snap on!

Ooh, those tempting photos and that “Enter Snapsex” button might catch your eye, but beware! Once you click, you’ll be taken to a sneaky questionnaire that’s just a waste of your precious time.

Don’t fall for it – your answers won’t even be recorded! The site’s just trying to lure you in with fake girls and their fake snaps. Sure, those images might have locations and times, but trust me – they’re all totally bogus. Don’t be fooled!

The site doesn’t have a real login form for users to log into website. Instead, when you try and enter your username and password, you’re immediately redirected to a site called Easy Snap Sex, which is a completely different website that’s trying to collect your credit card info with any payment methods that they possibly can.

Hey, have you checked out the homepage? Something fishy is going on. They’ve conveniently left out a customer support link, and that’s a major red flag if you ask me! I mean, seriously, I’ve never come across a legit site that doesn’t have customer support front and center. Trust me, these sites hide their support for a reason – they can’t handle the flood of refund requests. Don’t fall for their tricks!

I’ll cover the last two reasons I hate this site. They go hand in hand I guess. When you get through the questionnaire, you’re eventually redirected to that site. Should you foolishly decide to register, you will quickly realize that the site is not free like they advertise. Instead, they’ll end up charging your credit card to do anything. It’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars to do anything. Speaking of doing anything…

I literally did nothing on this site besides look at fake profiles they refer to as Love Stars. Yes, the site is filled with a bunch of fake profiles to make the site look heavily populated. Don’t be fooled, they’re all fake!

Conclusion: Snapsex Membership Is A Scam To Avoid

Don’t fall for the dating site trap! It’s a scammy marketing ploy with no genuine members. You will not be able to chat with real women. They just want you to take a trial, collect your payment and keep your membership billing for months on end. If you see Love Stars (aka fake profiles), run for the hills! Don’t waste your time or money here. Instead, invest in a premium adult dating site that delivers. Don’t be a fool, upgrade to something better!

If you’re looking for other sites to avoid and sites to join, then you simply just need to keep looking around. I’ve reviewed hundreds of dating sites and shared all those that work best. I guarantee that you will find something worth using. Just take my advice seriously and you’ll be fine. Good luck and happy hunting!

No Need To Look Around, Just Look Below…

Listen up! Let me tell you the truth – there are only 5-10 legit sites out there that actually deliver. Don’t waste your time on the fakes and scammers. Trust me, if you want to get lucky, you need to join one of the sites below and take a chance. Some even have premium options with money-back guarantees – so what have you got to lose? Dive right in and let the adventure begin! Oh, and don’t miss the site at the end of the list – SnapSext. It’s the real deal, not like those posers.

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