Miami Backpage Escorts Review

I spend a lot of time in Miami-Dade County and have used Miami Backpage escorts. I tested the waters in the adult personals section before using casual dating websites. I’ll share my experience hiring a Miami escort from a Backpage ad and why you should avoid independent escort websites like

My experience hiring escorts from Miami Beach’s Backpage for sexual purposes.

Okay, so it’s time for me to confess something wild – I was wasted when I decided to call an escort in MIA. After agreeing to the terms (which, by the way, you have to do no matter where you’re located), I dove headfirst into the classified ads on backpage. And yeah, they make you sign off on their terms and conditions so they don’t get screwed if something goes wrong. Can’t blame them, really.

Latina Mami In Miami Or A Complete Disaster?

I stumbled upon a fiery Latina bombshell in her twenties. Her curves were jaw-dropping and her assets were begging for attention. My heart raced as I scrolled through the tantalizing images in her ad.

Without hesitation, I texted her right away. She didn’t mess around with blocked calls, so I whipped out my trusty iPhone. Our fiery texting ignited a spark and we scheduled a rendezvous at my place since she was an outcall girl. Sure, it cost a bit more, but who cares when you’re in the presence of such a seductive goddess?

When she showed up knocking on my door, she had a guy with her and she looked like she put on some weight. In fact, the closer I looked, she had about an extra 20 pounds on her.

I immediately confronted her about this and she got defensive. She and the guy both demanded that I pay to get things started. I was so pissed off and didn’t want any trouble so I paid her. The guy wanted to watch and I wasn’t down with any of that.

Finally, I told her and the guy that I wanted no part of it after she gave me a blowjob. That was the most expensive head I ever spent money on, it was with a fat semi-Latina girl and it wasn’t even good. Since then, I haven’t hired any Miami Backpage escorts.

The Ugly Truth: Why Miami Backpage Listings for Escorts is a Total Letdown!

Beware, my dear readers! These Miami escorts are not to be trifled with. I’ve already spilled the tea on their shoddy ways, but if you’re craving some extra juicy details, read on for the cherry on top.

Masseuses, escorts, hookers on the Miami Backpage..they’re like the fast food of the sex world. And just like any fast food, it’s easily and cheaply available but comes with horrendous amounts of disadvantages which may lead to disease and other problems.

Below are just some reasons why you should stay away from escort services offered on Miami Backpages and consider an alternative instead (we give you the perfect alternate at the end).

Prepare your wallets, for these items come with a hefty price tag!

Let’s just say finding a few Miami escorts on Backpage at the right price is as annoying as trying to find a parking spot outside a jam-packed Hard Rock stadium off the Dolphin Expressway.

While there are hundreds of girls available, each has no idea how to price their services. So in the end, you are the one who must haggle like an idiot until a good price is in agreement. Most of your energy and fun will be spent trying to fight with the girl over the price.

Too Many Diseases From Escort Sites

Right now, you may be convinced that a condom is your ultimate Captain America-est shield against disease when having sex with an escort. But the reality is far different from that.

You have absolutely no idea what kind of people she has slept with in the past. Do you actually think decent people use Backpage (or Bedpage – same shit) to score a girl for the night? Yeah, not really. You’d better stay away from them.

Even your Captain shield can’t save you from the filth they carry down there. Whatever you do, you better wear a condom if you do fuck them!

Shitty Rushed Services

Backpage is like the honey pot for girls trying to score quick and easy cash. They’ll list a few dirty pictures, score a client, and woo-yah! Money.

This causes them to book an unlimited amount of hungry men which they tend to get rid of as quickly as possible so the next client can come in. The more clients, the more money they make.

Oh and then there’s that chance you get one of the trans escorts. If so, be ready for some cock time, that’s all I’m saying. Whether you’re hiring elite escorts or a girl off the street, uncertainty exists.

So how do you really avoid these issues?

Quite simply actually, you use a casual dating site. I promise that if you join the right one, you will be free of problems like price haggling, diseases, and rushed services. In fact, sex is free when you join the right dating site.

Conclusion: Avoid Miami’s Female Escorts

My advice is to steer clear of all escorts in Miami especially those from Miami Escort Models business, Backpage, Bedpage, and Escort Babylon.

If you want the best night of your life that results in a guaranteed quality romp, try this site instead. You will get 100% privacy and confidentiality plus all the girls on the site are members because they want to fuck. Not because they want to earn money.

In fact, you don’t have to pay the girls to fuck you here. It’s hassle-free and all you need to do is simply pay one time for access to contact the girls. No rushed services and certainly far fewer disease concerns because of the strict screening the company uses on them.

Plus adult dating services give you the chance of indulging in your sex fantasy because once the girl is there, she is yours. She won’t be rushing or going anywhere for the night.

So, before you decided to hire some Miami Backpage escorts, think about joining a real dating website instead. You will have far better luck, in the long run, doing so.

If you decide you want to cut out all the bullshit and skip right to the no strings attached dating sites then just check out some of the sites below. You’ll find something that works for you I’m sure!

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