Socialsex Review

Get ready for my personal in-depth Social Sex review, where I spill all the juicy details of my user experience. This site is a total winner and ranks high on my top 10 adult dating list (check it out on the main page!). It’s basically a staple for finding a sexy partner online. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to discover all the secrets… (and maybe even some scandalous pics, if you’re lucky). Create a profile if you’ve got the guts to just dive right into this online dating network.

I joined this site when I started dating online. I shared my experience and wrote about it soon after. It is still one of my best hookup sites for getting laid and discovering casual friendships. I included my signup process, experience, and suggestion on whether to join. Read it, digest it, and make the decision you think is best. I still use this site to this day and if you’re into having sex and using social networks, my guess is you will use it too!

Social Sex Dating Website Review

Here’s the full rundown of things and literally everything I know about the network. I’ve covered my initial thoughts, registering on the site, messaging, my experiences, and so much more! Read the entire review and take action if you think it makes sense for you and your dating goals.

My Initial Thoughts On

I normally wouldn’t think about using a dating site to find love or even just to get laid quickly. However, due to my busy schedule, I felt it was time for me to have a nice sexual encounter with someone. I didn’t want to spend time having to deal with the vast amount of work of finding a companion. So, I decided to try out the Social Sex Network.

Navigating the site was a breeze! As an avid site explorer, I always make sure to check for functionality – and let me tell you, this one passed with flying colors. I’m not one for following instructions (who is, really?), so I was stoked to find that I didn’t have to spend any time reading through a novel of guidelines.

Ugh, filling out lengthy questionnaires is a total buzzkill. I mean, let’s be real, I’m just in it for the sexy time. So, if the form is too intense, I’m outta there. But, surprise surprise, this website was like a breath of fresh air! It was super user-friendly and totally exceeded my expectations.

I pondered, is it as simple as plucking a ripe fruit from a tree, to determine if you’re a solo male, female, or part of a dynamic duo?

It was simple!

I really appreciated that ease of use, because like I said, any type of questionnaire will instantly turn me off. Another site feature I like is that it was really simple because then it just asked where I was located. Things were off to a great start. I could tell that the website was all about their users getting laid and nothing more. A perfect start out of the gate!

Getting Fully Registered at SocialSex

Okay, so here’s where I had quite a bit of fun. After I joined and completed the initial registration process (see below for a step-by-step run down and to find out how easy it was from start to finish).

The process involves answering basic questions about gender and what you’re seeking. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I wanted something drama-free. I worried a one-night stand could turn into something horrible or lead to a stalker. Sex chat seemed like a good way to get to know someone’s interests before meeting.

Social Sex offers numerous categories for different types of people looking for various things. One category is called “Have an Affair,” indicating the site caters to a diverse group. Another category called BDSM caught my attention, something I’ve always been curious about. I decided to explore this site to see what it had to offer. I hoped to find matches and engage in social sex networking to potentially lead to intimate encounters.

Social Sex Positions and Frequency!

The website asked me about my preferred frequency of hookups and favorite positions. I found this interesting as I could explore my desires if I felt comfortable. Being out of the dating world for some time, I wanted to relax and have fun.

As I explored various options on the website, I became more imaginative and delved deeper into my sexual desires. When I reached the section asking for preferred locations for sexual activity, my interest in the site grew.

I had the desire to engage in sexual activities in a car or on a kitchen counter with an older woman. Prior to joining, I never had the chance to fulfill this desire. The prospect of meeting someone who shared similar interests was enticing.

I had to decide if I enjoyed oral sex, and if I liked giving and receiving. Anal sex was also an option, even though it was taboo. I was excited about having so many choices on Social Sex and hoped to find a partner. I’ll explain the signup process I used below.

The Full Profile Setup & Membership Sign-Up Process

I know I explained that the signup process was pretty easy, but I figured it was worth showing you just how easy it was. Here are the steps I went through when joining.

1) The first step was to choose exactly what I was looking for. I chose the “Man Seeking A Woman” option. Once done, I clicked the next button.

2) The next step was to select my location. Since I was in Miami, FL at the time I registered I chose my geolocation and hit the next button.

3) I then chose my username. Note, I used a fun and attractive username and I didn’t use my full name as the username. I suggest you do the same.

4) The next step was to enter my email address twice (once for joining and another time for confirming). I used my main email address for this because I wanted to know when I was getting messages to stay in touch with people. I recommend you use an email address that you use daily.

5) Once I registered, I was redirected to a page that showed me how to confirm that I joined I was given this instruction, which helped me understand specifically what I needed to do. Although I was pretty familiar with this process by the time I joined this site.

6) I immediately followed the directions and confirmed my account by simply clicking the link in the email they sent me. Here’s a screenshot of the email that I received.

7) After using the site for a couple of hours, I decided to upgrade and get full access to all the features of the site. There were 6 options that I had.

The Premium Membership Feature Selection

Here’s what I know about the premium membership options on this dating app. Keep in mind, your attitude toward casual hookups, female friendships, and using mobile apps, in general, will dictate how you proceed.

Silver Membership Options:

3-Day Trial: $1.95

1-Month Membership: $24.95

3-Month Membership: $19.95/mo

Gold Membership Options:

1-Month Membership: $34.95

3-Month Membership: $23.32/mo (Save 33%)

12-Month Membership: $12.50/mo (Save 60%) Best Deal

I went for the 1-Month Membership at $34.95. You can always try the silver 3-day trial if you’re not ready to get everything. However, that’s what I’d recommend you do to avoid wasting time.

With a few quick clicks and keystrokes, I upgraded my game to a whole new level of awesomeness. Feast your eyes on this screenshot of my payment info, then brace yourself for better features, killer search results, and a whole lot more action in the dating scene. Let’s just say, I’m ready to rock and roll!

Billing and Support Information

I saved all the billing information just in case I thought I was going to need it. I didn’t need to contact customer support even once. That’s definitely a great sign today if you’re joining a new site. Here’s all the billing information for Social Sex.

Social Sex is currently processed by CCBill, Epoch, and Webbilling. These are all third-party billing companies. CCBill EU is the primary processor for the parent company of, called Kamparri Trading Limited. The charge will be represented on your credit card statement as* Kamparri Tra

Now if you need customer support for billing, they do have an 800 number and a support email listed on the site once you join. I joined through their CCBill processing, so my support contact was:

Phone number: 1-888-596-9279 (U.S.) I still haven’t had to call and I’m still a member, years later!

Email address: [email protected] (This is only for those that already have a membership)

What About

This is literally the same exact site as the .com version. They are both connected to one another so it doesn’t matter which you join. What’s important is that you take action and join one of them.

Overall Assessment of the Social Sex Site

The Social Sex website offers a user-friendly platform for individuals to explore new experiences without fear of judgment. It caters to a variety of preferences, including meeting couples.

Looking for some casual fun in a new town? Look no further than this website! With a plethora of options to choose from, it’s the ultimate sex dating site. Whether you’re looking for a local one-night stand or just traveling, this site has everything you need. I’ve personally met multiple girls and can’t wait to keep exploring my options. So why not spice up your life and join me on this sex dating adventure? Let’s see where things go!

You’re in for a treat, my friend. I’ve found some people with the same sexual chemistry as me – and I bet you will too. Whether you’re looking to fulfill your deepest fantasies or just want a quick, one-time lay, this is the place for you, especially if you’re using mobile dating apps on the hunt for real users and horny active users. But let’s not forget safety first, folks. Meet in public and keep things fun. Don’t wait any longer, join Social Sex today for free and let the adventure begin!