The Erotic Review

Ugh, escort review sites. Can we just not? They’re just so full of lies! One site, in particular, caught my attention lately – The Erotic Review. And let me tell you, if you’re even considering using that site, you’re out of your mind. It’s like a bottomless pit of deception and I’ve done my research, honey. Don’t fall for it!

Before we dive into the depths of this abominable website, let me divulge some startling discoveries I’ve made over the past few weeks. Brace yourself, because the mastermind behind this monstrosity is none other than the notorious David Elms. A man whose reputation in the adult entertainment industry precedes him, and whose connections to pimps and hoes are as strong as steel.

Okay, listen up folks, I’ve got some juicy gossip for you! From what I’ve gathered, this guy doesn’t seem like Mr. Nice Guy. Apparently, he landed himself in jail for hiring a goon to rough up a fellow Internet business owner who was his competition. Can you believe it? He spent four years behind bars for that ridiculous stunt. What a complete knucklehead!

Hey there, listen up! I’ve got some juicy gossip on the notorious Gawker website. Apparently, The Erotic Review’s owner was deleting escort reviews and listings of girls who didn’t give him a free hookup. Seriously, what a creep! But that’s not all, my friends. Today, I’m here to spill the tea on why you need to steer clear of The Erotic Review. And trust me, it’s not just because the owner is a massive tool. You won’t want to miss this!

Reasons The Erotic Review Sucks And Why You Must Stay Away!

This escort rating site is about as exciting as a bowl of plain mayo and as truthful as a bologna sandwich. Prepare for a rundown of all the reasons why this site is a total snooze fest – we’ll cover every aspect, step by step.

Unbound By Price!

Beware, my dear reader, of this site! It demands a hefty price for the coveted privilege of reading reviews – a staggering $250 to upgrade to VIP status, just to satisfy your curiosity about the world’s oldest profession. Don’t be tempted by its siren song!

Wait, what? You’re seriously telling me you’re paying full price for The Erotic Review? Honey, let me tell you, there are way better options out there for less than half the cost. And get this: you don’t even have to pay to get laid on those other networks. Yes, you heard me right. Save your money and join a legit sex network that won’t break the bank.

This sketchy site practically yells “scam” in my face! I mean, seriously, who’s so desperate for a date that they’re scouring escort reviews on EroticReview? Call me crazy, but I think there’s a better way to find love (or a good time) than this shady corner of the internet.

Break out your wallet if you want to get anywhere. I should also mention that they’ll have your personal information on file when you do. That’s always nice, right? Being known and associated with an escort connection website, how lovely!

Owner Biased

Based on the articles that I read, besides trying to beat the crap out of competitors and deleting escort listings for not banging him, he seems a bit biased. My guess is that he rates and ranks whoever is the flavor of the week.

It’s possible that this person has an algorithm to rate and rank girls, but it’s just my personal opinion. Many escorts are members of the site and may downrate other girls. It’s uncertain who is doing what on The Erotic Review, but it’s not for me.

Listing Might Be Cops (Avoid The Police)

Some escort listings on certain sites may actually be traps set by local officials and police officers to catch those soliciting prostitution, which can result in serious consequences.

Law enforcement officers may use this site to conduct sting operations. Federal authorities are cracking down on websites like Backpage, as seen on CBS In The Morning. It’s important to be cautious on to avoid any potential legal issues.

Girls Are Gross

Did I mention that most of these girls are absolutely disgusting on TER? Yes, I’d venture to say that 50% of them are not even the girls in the photos. Those that are in the pics likely look like they’ve since been down meth alley aka skidrow. Perhaps they’ve been shooting up drugs or hitting the pipe, no idea really!

Remember, these are girls that will give up their bodies in exchange for cold hard cash. They are hookers and nothing more. Most of the time they have raging drug and alcohol problems.

These escorts have diseases that will make your jaw drop. Some of them might even be smoking crack with HIV or AIDS. It’s not worth the risk, my friend. You don’t want to pay for a night of pleasure only to end up with a lifetime of pain. Say no to these escort websites and protect yourself. Seriously, WTF!

TheEroticReview: A Cautionary Tale of Disappointment and Regret.

In my research, I have found TheEroticReview website unsatisfactory. It is one of the worst sites and I do not recommend it. The owner’s background raises red flags and is not a site I would want anyone associated with.

Instead, I suggest joining an adult dating website that connects you with people looking for sex without having any issues with site owners, law enforcement, or questionable escorts.

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