MrandMissBlack Review

A lot of black individuals have a hard time finding dating sites that cater to making connections with other people of color. Mr and Miss Black is one of the few sites out there that flat out guarantee the effectiveness of their site. However, during our weeklong review period, we were confronted by only a few real members, constant site blackouts, and a web team that never provided solutions. Mrandmissblack was absolutely disappointing. Below, we outline just what went wrong on Mrandmissblack.

Mrandmissblack: A Website Full of Disappointment Review

Only Male Users

An initial look at the fine print on flat out tells you that they use “fantasy” users to try and entice you into purchasing additional services. These are usually cam operators who are contracted to work for a percentage rate while they lure users into additional costs and fees.

When we were properly logged in and searching for other members, it initially seemed promising. Mrandmissblack claims to offer you a wide variety of dating options, everything from first-time romantic encounters all the way to “seeking an affair”. But when we entered our parameters and attempted to search, all we received back were these so-called “fantasy” users. Not a single real individual was found within the 7-day trial period.

Constantly Upgrading

Mrandmissblack starts offering you upgrade options to your “free” profile almost immediately. One of their site’s supposed highlights is the video chat feature, which seemed really promising in the advertisements. However, you get charged a number of times whenever you use it.

There’s a first-time setup fee, a call out fee, and then a resolution buffer fee if the other individual isn’t using the right equipment. And again, there aren’t any real users that we could find on the site. This means that when using video chat, you’re spending money just to have other sites promote their content to you as well.

An Unsupportive Support Team

So, after a couple days of stumbling through the poor design Mrandmissblack provides, we decided to try and reach out to their support team. Certainly, they would be able to sort out just why Mrandmissblack seemed to constantly be crashing, right? Unfortunately, we were mistaken. The only real response we ever received was a pre-written statement telling us that our request had been sent higher up, and that we would be contacted shortly. This never happened.


Something we also saw on Mrandmissblack were several pieces of spyware that were installed onto our test computer any time we installed their proprietary apps. Everything from the chat ticker to the mobile app seemed to try and capture keystrokes, or steal personal information. With these sorts of flaws, Mrandmissblack can’t expect any of its users to have a successful site experience.

What Do We Think?

Mrandmissblack is completely misleading. They claim to have a high degree of functionality that never seems to deliver, and a user base full of falsified profiles. Their fees piled up almost immediately, and never delivered anything of real value. On top of these issues, their proprietary apps download spyware onto your PC any time you decide to use them. Unfortunately, we cannot in good conscience recommend Mrandmissblack to individuals looking for a good time.

If you’re looking for other black dating sites that you need to avoid, then we suggest you stay away from the site.

If you’re looking for an all-around great dating site that has LOTS of African American members, then my suggestion to you is to check this review out. It’s a money-back guarantee that this company offers and you’ll be happy to know that we’ve tried it and gotten laid ourselves. Try it out and see what happens.