MarriedSecrets Review: No Secret To It, This Site Sucks

At first, the site looks real when you join, but as soon as you start exploring MarriedSecrets, it becomes suspicious. You begin to discover what the site really is as you go through the dating procedure. Regarding design, this dating site looks pretty plain; aside from the basic feature, there’s absolutely nothing new.

One can only wonder how MarriedSecrets stands the test of time, having been around for 14 years. The site can be so tricky that you will believe everything here is real. You need to carefully read my review and other reviews of this married hookup site where I will be uncovering some of the site’s tricks.

Married Secrets Review

Is MarriedSecrets Authentic?

It’s difficult to doubt the authenticity of this site when you first join because it is enticing and look real. How this site managed to stay in the online dating game for a long time is still a mystery. Despite its flaws, the site has been around for as long as a decade and a half. Perhaps because of the dating niche, it carved for itself.

Many married folks out there may be tired of their marriage and want to try something new. The site’s name also sounds enticing to married folks, MarriedSecrets. It sounds like a casual dating site where married people get on to hookup without the knowledge of their partners.

Sadly, with you end up getting on an unreliable dating site. There is nothing free on here, you need to spend, and there is a great chance you come across a fake profile.

Proof It’s Totally Unreliable

Though at first, the site looks impressive and attractive. Not the same can be said about MarriedSecrets as you go further. Wondering why the site seems unreliable and what it really is? Read on then!

Profile Verification Does Not Prevent Fake Profiles

Despite the profile verification on this dating site, it is rather unfortunate to find fake profiles here. Nothing breaks your heart than coming in contact with a fake profile on a dating site that claims to verify every user’s profile.

You will find out from the onset that your profile needs to be approved before it can be live and active. How is profile verification done on MarriedSecrets? A verification email will be sent to you; you need to open the verification link. You can explore the site and view profiles after verification is done.

One can only imagine how to get in touch with users. Your profile must not have contact info lest it will be denied. A live person is claimed to review all profiles and profiles will be approved within 24 hours.

Chatting Requires Upgrade

Want to contact a member you are interested in? Then you must have upgraded your profile to a paid membership. If you haven’t, you will see an upgrade screen asking you to do the needful before you can chat. It’s quite ridiculous that most users don’t even have a profile picture.

On some profiles, you will see a picture showing a body with lingerie on without showing the face. Isn’t this suspicious? Why do MarriedSecrets require an upgrade so badly? The answer is simple; there are only a few hot chicks on dating sites. They create fake profiles on here to entice new users.

Cam Service For Sale On MarriedSecrets

Another smart way to scam victims here is to charge you for cam service. That is a video chat feature you probably won’t need. You can always make use of another mobile video app once you have the other user’s contact. You need to be careful sharing your contact on dating sites! Be convinced you are safe sharing your contact with such other user.

Membership and Contact

There is nothing free on here; you need to upgrade to a paid membership to use most features available.

  • 1-month membership subscription is $49.95
  • 3-months membership subscription cost is $79.95
  • 6-months premium membership is $119.95


Except if you have some bucks to throw in the air, it is recommended you don’t sign up for MarriedSecrets. Look away from its fourteen years existence; it is not enough reason to trust a dating site. There are a lot of fake profiles on the site. You pay to use most features and may end up getting nothing from MarriedSecrets.


  • So wrong on so many levels. I am now divorced and living with the woman of my dreams (who I didn’t meet on MarriedSecrets). When my marriage was at the point of no longer sleeping in the same bed, however, I did go to MarriedSecrets, as well as Ashely Madison. MarriedSecrets was far, far, far better (I’ll detail the reasons below). As far as meeting people, I had a three year relationship with a beautiful and wonderful woman who was 10 years my junior (and who also was sleeping in a separate bed than her husband). Later she learned that her husband’s distance was because he was having an affair all along. When they divorced, she wanted to keep our relationship, but I felt she was better off single and pursuing a life of her own, so I broke it off. I think all these years later, she is happy that I did as she is now in a loving long-term relationship with her new beau. I met a second woman on MarriedSecrets and it turned out to be a one-night stand. Then I decided that I had to take a look at why I was staying married and did the right thing by ending my marriage.

    Yes, you have to pay money for MarriedSecrets. Unlike Ashley Madison, however, you are not nickled and dimed for every encounter. I’ve yet to find a fake profile on MarriedSecrets. Yes, there are people who go there just for the thrill of it and don’t have the stomach to actually meet or hook-up, but the profiles are real. This is in stark contrast to Ashley Madison where multiple fake profiles are created by gold-diggers working for AM, so you will buy more tolkens to stay in touch. Yes, in addition to a subscription fee, AM makes you buy tokens and you consonantly run out. MarriedSecrets simply charges you a subscription fee. Even if you pay the money on AM, you will never get a hookup, because the profiles are fake. The other nice thing abour MarriedSecrets is that it is not well known or advertised; so it is under the radar. Unlike Ashley Madison who got their servers hacked and I found my name on a public list on the Internet.

    From my experience, I would classify MarriedSecrets as a one-man operation in the UK (it must be only one person because it takes a week to get your pictures approved). It is also a simple, yet effective website. The bottom line is that is is real, it is the least expensive way to meet others who are in unhappy marriages and cannot get out for various reasons. Albeit, meeting up with married people isn’t something that happens overnight. I was on the site chatting, and meeting, with various people until I met someone with whom there was both a real connection and attraction.

    • Such a solid reply even if I don’t agree with it. Thanks so much for sharing your view! We need more people like you out there willing to get down and dirty into these reviews, just like the two of us. Thanks.