Live Escort Reviews: Here’s The Scoop On This Shady Site

If you are dumb enough to pay for sex, you’ve probably done an online search of escort services. You would then be bombarded by sites that claim to be directories of these types of services and one of the sites that might pop up is Live Escort Reviews. While it is probably very tempting to poke around on these types of sites, let me explain to you why I think this is a very bad idea.

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My Complete Review of Live Escort Reviews!

Here’s everything you need to know about this escort review site and why you absolutely need to avoid everything about it. Trust me, it’s not good…

Live Escort Reviews Legalese

When you join any dating site, you are subject to their terms of use. Basically, this is stuff like you promise to be truthful, you won’t harass other members, and you could be removed from the site if you break any rules.

But, Live Escort Reviews has something called the Hold Harmless Agreement. Located in section, you are signing off that you will not hold Live Escort Reviews, its owners, employees, or anyone that is even associated with the site, liable for anything that happens to you when you use their site. And if you even try to sue them, you’ll be on the hook for their legal fees!

But, there’s even more! If there should ever be a class action lawsuit, you’re signing away your rights to joining in on that too.

Seriously, if you plan on joining Live Escort Reviews, read their terms. This is just the beginning of the legal information and most people never take the time to read what they’re signing.

Safety on Live Escort Reviews

Hah! Safety? Think again. Live Escort Reviews states in section 2.2.1 that your info will be shared with anyone they see fit. That includes partners, contractors, and anyone else that they deem worthy of your information. That means you’re going to get a lot of spammy emails and who knows what else!

Any site that does this kind of stuff is really a site you want to avoid.


If the legal mumbo-jumbo didn’t scare you off and you wanted to join Live Escort Reviews, let me break down what happens next.

As soon as you’re a member, you’re going to be bombarded with pop-ups. Every page of Live Escort Reviews has pop-ups, ads, and pictures stolen from other sites of women who are supposed members of the site. Just now, they totally aren’t members and they aren’t anyone you’ll meet.

In fact, a good chunk of the content on Live Escort Reviews is ripped off from Backpage, and that is one shady site on its own! Plus, if you do a reverse image search of any of the pictures, you’ll see that these pics are on many other questionable dating sites.

If you happen to be enticed to click on any of the headings with these pictures, such as “Live Sex” or “Find Girls,” all that you’ll be finding will be more ads. It’s a vicious circle on Live Escort Reviews.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a good time, I would say that Live Escort Review would be a site you would want to avoid. It is a completely useless copycat of Backpage that is full of shady ads, and even shadier escorts that could truly be anyone and have any number of diseases. Joining Live Escort Reviews is a risk in itself, and I sure as hell wouldn’t ever meet someone off this site.

If you want a night of sexy bliss, I would highly recommend you find another safer site where you aren’t going to be on the radar of law enforcement and will find a date with a woman that hasn’t serviced half of the country.

Look, I might as well let you in one more secret and help you avoid other escort mishaps. It’s best to also avoid sites like,, and basically every other escort site out there.

Do yourself a solid and start over by reading the site review. It’s the best site to try if you want to get laid, period.

Live Escort Reviews: Here’s The Scoop On This Shady Site
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