Hacks For Women Who Want to Date British Men

British Dating Tips

Falling in love with David Beckham, Daniel Radcliff and Robert Pattinson is no coincidence, rather its reason can be described as ‘the famous British Charm’!
Women from all around the globe desire dating British men not only because of their amazing swirly accent but also because of their polite manners, their behavior towards women and much more.

If you have recently started dating a British hunk or are planning to do so in the future, here are some basic tips you might want to roll up your sleeves to make the most of each date and more to come in the future!

Tips for Success When Dating British Men

1.   Get used to the Accent!

While the accent might be one of the main reasons why you felt attracted to the guy, nonetheless, you will need time getting used to it. Not only do British men speak rather fast but that accent can take you to your wonderland while you totally forget to listen to what he just said! Oops.

2.   New Vocabulary

Everyone has their own set of slangs and cheesy words but when it comes to British men, the vocabulary is not only interesting but it can hold more than one meaning!
For instance if he says ‘take the piss’, it means he is mocking someone. If he is getting pissed, it means he is about to get drunk. While ‘its pissing down’ will mean it’s raining, ‘pissed off’ will mean he is angry and cross. On the other hand, if you say you want new pants, he will think you need new panties/ underwear!
Get the drift?

3.   Don’t Mold Completely

It is no secret that British men are polite and respectful, nevertheless, they might not be searching for the same qualities in a woman! If a British fell for you, he might be attracted to YOUR accent, your swearing vocabulary, your style or whatever!
The point is to be yourself and not change completely just because British men are stereotyped as being too kind and gracious.

4.   Craving Affection?

If you are someone who loves PDA, British men are not for you! However, if you like things spiced up when under the sheets and totally casual when in public, British men are the correct choice!
British men love cuddling with their significant other privately and publicly. While the physical affection is on point, the verbal affection is accompanied too! ‘Sweetie, Pumpkin, Duckie, Honey-poo, etc’ are just a start!

5.   Drinking Tea Syndrome!

Putting it bluntly, British men love their tea just like we love water! Drinking tea is an important task of their day and they can go up to drinking 8 cups in a single day. Don’t be amazed, you will get the hang of it soon!

6.   Sense of Humor is on Point

British men truly know how to make women laugh and fall in love with them. If you think you are not too jokey, maybe you’ll need to adjust this one! They might joke at the smallest of things and the tone might not even be funny so keep an eye out for this one as you wouldn’t want to seem dumb!

Incorporate these 6 super easy tips when you set a date with your British man and rock it to the core!

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Hacks For Women Who Want to Date British Men
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