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steve harvey dating tips

Steve Harvey’s Top Relationship Tips

Tired of failed relationships? Losing the spark? Falling out of love? Seems like you need to be guided by the so-called relationship expert – your very own, Steve Harvey! Whether you’re a man or a woman; some...

Nerdy Dating Advice

Five Ways to Deal With a Nerdy Boyfriend

Not every woman wants to date a guy who is a jock, as many of us are attracted to intelligence and determination more than anything! On a very serious note, that is what really matters in the long run. But many times...

romantic bedroom decor ideas

Tips on creating a Romantic Bedroom for Couples

Okay, so you scored the first date.  Everything went well and now you are romantically involved and there is zero use for our awesome adult dating tips. Fine.  We understand that.  Let’s move things on to another...